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CALL FOR PAPERS School Psychology ( APA Division 16 )

Special Issue to be published on Adopting Global Perspectives: Challenges and Solutions for School Psychologists

Guest Editors: Bonnie K. Nastasi & Amanda Clinton

Deadline: August 15, 2022

The foundation of General Psychology and the majority of its sub-specialties, inclusive of School Psychology, have long faced challenges addressing diversity both at the world population level and within the US and other western, industrialized nations. The science and practice of School Psychology - along with the broader field of Psychology - has been criticized for its predominant focus on research that mainly studies populations from White, Western countries, such as North America and Europe. Although most data in psychology have been collected on ethnic majority groups, they constitute a mere 5% of the global population; the remaining 95% of the world's peoples are excluded from psychological science resulting in lack of due consideration of humanity's cultural diversity (Arnett, 2008; Farrell, Jimerson, & Oakland, 2007; Ingraham & Oka, 2006; Nastasi, Arora, & Varjas, 2017; Thalmayer, Toscanelli, & Arnett, 2020). These limitations impact not only fundamental aspects of research, practice, training, and policy in school psychology across the globe, but also the work school psychologists do with diverse communities in places like the United States and Europe. Solutions may be found in the adoption of a global and intercultural perspective that takes into account the complexity of contextual and cultural influences ranging from worldwide to local community levels (Nastasi, Chittooran, Arora, & Song, 2020). 


This Special Issue of School Psychology will be devoted to publishing papers that consider the challenges associated with infusing a global perspective in efforts to transform school psychology research, practice, training and policy to be more representative of all humanity, rather than a select subset, such as the United States. Papers included in this Special Issue will offer solutions and examples from school and educational psychologists engaged in work outside of the US and/or with internationally diverse populations in Western countries. The special issue will be edited by Bonnie Nastasi and Amanda Clinton and is slated to be published in March 2023. 


Manuscript length for the special section will be determined based on the quality and number of proposals, but is targeted to not exceed the journal standard of 6,000 words, inclusive of all tables, figures, and references. Submitted manuscripts will be given blind peer review, as per usual journal policy, prior to a final decision on publication.


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