SBP Sociedade Brasileira de Psicologia

33º Congresso Internacional de Psicologia

Data: 21 a 26 de julho de 2024

Local: Praga, República Tcheca

A IUPsyS patrocina um Congresso Internacional de Psicologia (ICP) a cada quatro anos. O ICP é organizado por um comitê anfitrião nacional sob os auspícios da União e em consulta com o Comitê Executivo da IUPsys.




ICP 2024 will feature an Emerging Psychologists’ Programme as an integral part of the scientific programme. The Emerging Psychologists’ Programme is intended to enhance communication between Emerging Psychologists from different countries and diverse cultural backgrounds, to promote exchange of knowledge between established and younger scientists, and to help younger scientists acquire new insights into specific fields of psychology and psychology in general.

Who is eligible to apply for EPP?


Those who are working on their PhD thesis or are on a postdoctoral fellowship and want to become leading scholars in psychology. Please follow the updated information regarding application and guidelines on the ICP 2024 website and social media.

Applications, including all documents, should be submitted by email to by July 1st, 2023. Incomplete documentation will not be processed. 

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