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Global Psychology Learning Leadership Institute (LLI) 2023 application is open!

Oportunidade para líderes emergentes (estudantes de graduação, recém formados, e pós-graduandos e recém doutores) sócios da SBP participarem em um fórum mundial sobre o papel da psicologia nos objetivos de desenvolvimento sustentável 3, 10 e 13 com outros líderes emergentes representantes de diversos países em reuniões virtuais com mentores entre março e dezembro de 2023.

Atenção para o prazo: 24 de Janeiro! Inscreva-se no link abaixo!


We are pleased to share that the 2023 Global Psychology Learning Leadership Institute (LLI) application is open! The Institute is a truly global initiative because it has been shaped and improved by Global Psychology Alliance (GPA) participating organizations from every region of the world, including Sociedade Brasileira de Psicologia.

The 2023 LLI, which is set to begin in March and end in December, will be presented in a virtual format and consist of three primary components: 1) actively engaging with monthly expert speaker presentations and workshops, 2) cross-cultural mentorship meetings with mentors, and 3) developing an individual or group leadership project focused the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG 3, SDG 10, and/or SDG 13).


summit inteireaEmerging Leaders joined leaders in psychology from around the world at the 2022 International Summit on Psychology and Global Health in Bogota, Colombia.


Read about some of the experiences of the 2021-22 Emerging Leaders

angelo"Psychology in Brazil has historically been very closed in on itself. The LLI helped me to see psychology as an area capable of solving problems at a global level, acting in a co-participative manner, also globally. Paradoxically, despite its evident role, Brazilian psychology does not dedicate so much emphasis to climate change. It was very powerful for me to reflect on this topic with colleagues from all over the world. Furthermore, this initiative is different from what I usually do, since instead of teaching, research and intervention, the main goal was to think about how to build yourself as a leader at the local level in a dialogue with the global level"

—Angelo Brandelli Costa, Sociedade Brasileira de Psicologia









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